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MPs Grill Christiana Thorpe


MPs Grill Christiana Thorpe

By Lansana Fofana……………………..

Amidst rumor on social media that Dr. Christiana Thorpe had rejected a Presidential nomination to be the Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology 1, she and some other Presidential nominees attended a slated interview yesterday before the committee on Appointments and the Public Service at Committee Room No. 1 in the House of Parliament,.

The House Majority Leader, Hon. Ibrahim Bundu said that Parliament received a letter from the Leader of Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray claiming that Dr. Thorpe was not eligible to be appointed Minister of Government since according to the ADP leader she presided over two general elections.

Dr. Christiana Thorpe in her response said that she had long ago resigned from being a Chairperson of the National Electoral Commission and that she had nothing to do with that office.

The Deputy Majority Leader, Hon. Leonard Fofana noted that, Dr. Thorpe spent her entire life and career in promoting education  and asked what added advantage will she bring into the ministry this time around.

Dr. Thorpe responded that being a one time Minister of Education she is not a stranger in that house and she sees her appointment as a child badly needed when a home is dilapidating and needs all the support to fix it.

Dr. Thorpe said that it has been a shame that some graduates have not been able to fly the banners of Sierra Leone at International level due to poor mechanism in the educational sector as she is aware of too much exam malpractices, lecturers demanding sex for grades but even though she is coming this time as a deputy she is a born leader who sees things from different lenses and do what is right.

Dr. Sylvia Blyden was also interviewed by the Committee on Appointments.

In her response whether she is fit to be the Minister of Social Welfare, Gender Children’s Affairs she said that she had resigned her position as Special Executive Assistant to the President over 18 months ago and because of her belief and uprightness,the President thinks that she is the right person to hold that job.

Asked why she deviated from practicing her medical profession and decided to become a journalist, she referred to that as a home calling.

Mr. Mohamed Bangura the nominee for the position of Minster of Information and Communications had a petition letter from the ADP and PMDC leaders against him. But Parliament dismissed their petitions.

Amongst others interviewees were Bai Mahmoud Proposed Minister of Youth Affairs, Mr. Monfred Momoh Sesay Proposed Justice of the Court of Appeal, Miss Nannette Thomas Proposed Minister of Political and Public Affairs, Ahmed Khanou Proposed Minister of Sports. Capt. Rtd. Abdul Rahman Kamara Proposed Deputy Minister of Defence and Mr. Sidi Yayah Tunis Proposed Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs.

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