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I Disagree With Ambassador Yansaneh


I Disagree With Ambassador Yansaneh

Before the April 29, 1992 Military takeover, Mr. Osman Foday Yansaneh was the Personal Assistant to the late former President, Joseph Saidu Momoh at State House. On the day of the NPRC coup, Mr. Yansaneh went on radio and described the young coup makers as “malcontents” within the Army. That description of the coup plotters made matters worse as it led to the breakdown of negotiations between the coup makers and some senior Military officers including Col. Yayah Kanu.
President Momoh quickly took to his heels and was chauffeur-driven to the residence of the Nigerian High Commissioner, where he sought refuge until he was flown to Guinea, Conakry where he spent almost eight years in self-imposed exile. Many APC supporters see Mr. Yansaneh as a very dangerous adviser.
When the APC swept to power in 2007, Mr. Yansaneh frantically lobbied to be appointed either as Minister of Presidential Affairs or Secretary to the President. Nobody knows why he did not get any of the two top jobs at the Presidency.
After listening to a lot of wise counselling, the newly sworn-in President, Ernest Bai Koroma appointed Mr. Yansaneh as High Commissioner to the Republic of Ghana. Immediately after the 2012 elections, Ambassador Yansaneh abandoned his well paid diplomatic job in Ghana and returned home and was elected as the APC Party’s National Secretary General.
The Sierra Leone Ambassador to Ghana resident in Freetown has never relented in trying to occupy a post at State House. Latest report says that, the current Secretary to the President, Mr. E. B. Osho-Coker is to proceed on terminal leave very soon. That means, therefore, that a new Secretary to the President is soon to be appointed. Ambassador Yansaneh’s name keeping ringing loudly for the top job at State House as Secretary to the President..
His appointment at State House was held up, because, he needed to finish the job of expelling the elected Vice President Alhaji Chief Samuel Sum Sumana from the governing party. VP Sam Sumana has been purged from the party and it is now time for President Koroma to handsomely reward the sword wielders like Karamoh Kabba, Diana Konomanyi, Leonard Balogun Koroma, Alhaji I. B. Kargbo and Ambassador Osman Foday Yansaneh.
Alhaji I. B. Kargbo is expected to return to the Cabinet in an imminent Cabinet reshuffle. Karamoh Kabba is expected to be elevated in the Cabinet for a job well done. Ambassador Yansaneh will soon occupy his life-long ambition job at State House as Secretary to the President.
APC Press Statement
On March 22, 2015 the APC National Secretary General issued a very erroneous and misleading press statement on the “Constitutional Matter Regarding The Dismissal and Appointment of A Vice President By President Ernest Bai Koroma”.
In trying to justify the controversial sacking and appointment of a new Vice President by President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, this is what Ambassador Yansaneh wrote in that embarrassing press statement, “Without any prejudice to the pending judicial deliberations, the SLPP needs to be reminded that during their tenure, President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah used the same supreme executive authority as a constitutional precedence to appoint RUF Leader Corporal Foday Saybana Sankoh as Vice President, thereby making redundant the elected Vice President Albert Joe Demby without any recourse to Parliament”. This is absolute bunkum!
The RUF Leader, Foday Sankoh was appointed as Chairman of the Commission for The Management of Strategic Mineral Resources, Reconstruction and Development”, as provided for by the Lome Peace Accord signed between the Government of Sierra Leone and the Revolutionary United Front in the Togolese Capital, Lome in 1999.
The Lome Peace Accord authorized President Kabbah to upgrade Sankoh’s status to that of a Vice President. He was never appointed Vice President. He, however, enjoyed all the privileges accorded to any sitting Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone.
Throughout his stay in Sierra Leone, Sankoh never attended or was he invited to attend any Cabinet meeting. He spent a whole year grumbling about the office space provided for him at Youyi Building. Infact, he packed out of Youyi Building and set up his office at his official residence at 56 Spur Road, Freetown.
Sylvia Blyden
When Sylvia Blyden was appointed SEA (Special Executive Assistant) to President Koroma at State House, she gleefully informed the public that she carried the rank or status of a Cabinet Minister. But, did that make her a Cabinet Minister? Absolutely not!
She was put in a cubicle at State House without even a typist assigned to her. She had no budgetary allocation. She was a mere SEA (Special Executive Assistant) and not a member of the Cabinet. She was hounded out of State House by senior APC operatives close to President Koroma.
Dangerous Liar!
Ambassador Yansaneh has shot himself in the foot. By this singular action, Ambassador Yansaneh has exposed himself as a big fat liar. The lies told by Ambassador Yansaneh could have been described by my Chinese Landlady in London as “white lies”.
Next time, Ambassador Yansaneh should endeavour to get his facts right before putting out a Press Statement on behalf of the governing APC party. He has destroyed the credibility of the APC Party by such bare-faced lies told to a nation on tenterhooks.
My good-old-friend, Ambassador Osman Foday Yansaneh should not use party politics to deliberately misinform the general public on an issue that is an open book. I hope I will have the opportunity to once again interview Ambassador Yansaneh on issues surrounding the ruling APC party.
May God give the wisdom and courage to President Koroma to resolve this political impasse in a very peaceful way! The President has unfortunately surrounded himself with some very dangerous people who will destroy his reputation and even his legacy. May God guide him to take decisions that are in the best interest of Mama Salone!
What we are witnessing today is the gradual return of the Old APC. With people like Victor Foh around President Koroma, the APC is doomed to fail again.
Mark my word!

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