Sylvia Blyden… The Serial Blackmailer!


By Sorie Fofana………..
Sylvia Blyden has returned to her usual outrageous pranks. Some people have described her as a perennial blackmailer. Others say she is a serial blackmailer.
The history of Sylvia Blyden’s outrageous blackmailing antics is well documented. She has insulted every decent person in this country. Politicians, diplomats, journalists, business people have all come under ferocious attacks from Sylvia Blyden’s war machine. No decent person in this country has been spared by this monstrous woman.
She started her extremely foolish behaviour by openly attacking her current employer, President Ernest Bai Koroma. For three uninterrupted years, Sylvia Blyden wrote all sorts of spiteful articles about Ernest Bai Koroma and some senior members of his family. The level-headed Ernest Bai Koroma ignored the nonentity and got on with the job he was elected to do.
The shameless Sylvia Blyden travelled all the way to Port Loko in 2010 to apologise to the President to forgive her for her madness. The kind-hearted Ernest Bai Koroma embraced this contemptible lady and brought her closer to him. Today, she has become a political liability to the President.
The Vice President, Hon. Alhaji Chief Sam Sumana has, on many occasions, suffered greatly from the bestial behaviour of Sylvia Blyden. She had the effrontery to publicly insult the country’s Vice President without being reprimanded for her discourteous behaviour.
Some senior family members of both the President and the First Lady came under a torrent of public insults from this low-life calling herself the SEA (or Ocean) to the President at State House.
Some senior members of Ernest Bai Koroma’s inner circle have all been victims of Sylvia Blyden’s unending madness. Alhaji I.B. Kargbo, Alfred Palo Conteh, Frank Kargbo, Alpha Kanu, Sheka Tarawallie and of late, Leonard Balogun Koroma have all suffered in the hands of this serial media terrorist.
Logus Koroma (Sylvia Blyden’s latest victim of blackmail), is a man made of sterner stuff. He has refused to be blackmailed by this mindless and notorious gossipmonger.
Logus (to his credit) refused to denounce a story in the “Global Times” because he was not the one quoted to have said that, Sylvia Blyden’s grandfather, SAJ Pratt was the one who advised the late President Stevens to scrap the national railway.
Indeed, Logus Koroma did not mention anything about SAJ Pratt, when he spoke exclusively to the Global Times about plans by the APC government of Ernest Bai Koroma to reestablish the national railway in Sierra Leone. He never did!
Why, then, did Sylvia Blyden pick on Logus Koroma? Is it out of malice or out of envy? She must be stopped in her tracks now!
Thank you!